Do you have a claim to refund? Open now to get the new mailing address.

Posted on 2019-04-01
Updated on 2019-04-01 09:00:00

New Mailing Address for Provider Refunds

Have you received an overpayment on a claim you want to voluntarily return to CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield and CareFirst BlueChoice, Inc. (CareFirst)?

Our mailing address has changed. To ensure we receive your submission, download and use the latest version of the Provider Refund Submission Form. Starting today, mail refunds to:

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield
PO Box 789747
Philadelphia, PA

The Provider Refund Submission Form, which can be found in the Forms section of our website, is used for submitting voluntary, unsolicited refunds to CareFirst. This form should not be used for corrected claims refunds.

We update forms and the information on our website frequently. Always check to ensure you have the most current documents.


Please contact Provider Services.