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CareFirst's Behavioral Health and Substance Use Disorder Programs

Support for patients struggling with mental illness or addiction

May 10, 2018 -

As part of CareFirst’s ongoing efforts to increase access to behavioral health and substance use disorder services, we offer programs and resources to help meet the specific needs of your patients, including:

The Behavioral Health Program

  • For patients with conditions like depression, anxiety or eating disorders, this program provides one-on-one support through a specialty-trained and licensed behavioral health care coordinator.
  • Learn more about the Behavioral Health program.

The Addiction Program

  • For patients struggling specifically with substance use or addiction, CareFirst connects patients with trusted providers in outpatient settings who provide therapy, medication assisted treatment care options, support groups and education as part of Intensive Outpatient Treatment.
  • Learn more about the Addiction program.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month While there is no trick to preventing mental health issues, there are things you can encourage your patients to do to take good care of themselves, like:

  • paying attention to warning signs,
  • maintaining their medication regimen,
  • checking-in regularly with you, their PCP, and asking for help.