CareFirst Direct looks a little different – These user guides can help

September 27, 2017 -

Provider Portal (CareFirst Direct) Functionalities Got an Upgrade

Four New User Guides Can Help You Navigate

Have you logged into the Provider Portal (CareFirst Direct) recently? If so, you will have noticed it looks a little different.

That's because we have made recent updates and enhancements to improve your user experience and make the tasks you do in the Provider Portal (CareFirst Direct) easier.

To help you navigate the next time you login, we have developed four step-by-step Provider Portal User Guides for walking you through the new look and feel of the CareFirst Direct tab/section:

We are working to update Dental-specific User Guides and resource documents to help you feel more comfortable with the more streamlined and user-friendly functionalities. Please continue to check your inbox for all CareFirst Dental News updates.

Officer Administrators:

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