Dental Claims Submission

    Electronic Claims

    To support our paperless initiative and improve your claims processing experience, CareFirst strongly encourages participating and non-participating dental providers to submit dental claims and pre-treatment estimate requests electronically. Secondary Coordination of Benefits (COB) submissions should not be submitted electronically.

    CareFirst requires supporting documentation for certain dental claims. Your documents can be submitted via National Electronic Attachments (NEA).

    Track your claims submissions, help save on administrative costs and improve your dental claims process today.

    Preferred Clearinghouses

    If you do not currently submit claims electronically, contact one of our preferred clearinghouses:


    • Saves time. Office staff won't have to spend time preparing and mailing paper documents, or researching and resending claims that are returned due to incomplete or inaccurate information.
    • Saves money. The need for postage and paper claim forms is eliminated.
    • Faster processing. Without the delays of regular mail, your claims will get processed faster.
    • Eliminates incomplete submissions Claims are edited and returned at the front-end through your clearinghouse for correction and resubmission.