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The Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) Universal Credentialing Datasource Application is an online application that is compliant with the Maryland and the District of Columbia Uniform Credentialing Form regulations.


  • You only need to enter your information once to credential with multiple insurers.
  • You can update your information online at any time.
  • You do not have to fill out a new form every three years – just update any inaccurate information in your account.

Get Started

Follow these steps to use CAQH's Universal Credentialing Datasource Application:

  1. Complete the CAQH Dental Provider Data Sheet and a Dental Billing Authorization Form.
  2. Fax them to CareFirst at (410) 720-5080 or email them to
  3. Receive a CAQH ID number that allows access to the online application.
  4. Complete your online application and authorize CareFirst to access your information.
  5. Fax your supporting documents and attestation to CAQH at (866) 293-0414.

CAQH will notify you that your application is complete and has been forwarded to CareFirst. CareFirst will then begin the credentialing process.

To learn more about CAQH, check out their FAQs.

Already using CAQH?

If you have already completed an application through CAQH: