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    Credentialing FAQs

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    I practice in several different locations, do I need to participate with CareFirst at each

    Answer: Yes, you must participate at each practice location. Contact Provider Information and Credentialing at (410) 872-3500 or (877) 226-9593 for specific information regarding this requirement.

    I already submitted a CAQH Universal Credentialing Datasource application, do I need to complete a Maryland Uniform Credentialing Form or District of Columbia Uniform Credentialing Form also?

    Answer: No, the Maryland and District of Columbia form requirements are incorporated in the CAQH Universal Credentialing Datasource application.

    View the next steps to authorize CareFirst to access your information on the CAQH Universal Credentialing page.

    How should I notify CareFirst if I move my practice, change my office telephone number or change my Tax ID Number?

    Answer: Log into the Provider Portal (CareFirst Direct) to update your provider information online.
    For information that cannot be updated online, use the Change in Provider Information Form - Professional and include your office letterhead when returning the completed form to CareFirst.

    How often do I need to update my credentialing documents?

    Answer: Your credentialing documents must be updated any time your practice information changes and/or once every three years.

    Who do I call if I have additional questions regarding credentialing and participation?

    Answer: Call CareFirst Provider Information and Credentialing at (410) 872-3500 or (877) 269-9593.

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