Comprehensive Dental Resource Guide

Comprehensive Dental Reference Guide

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Comprehensive Dental
Resource Guide

CareFirst has created this Comprehensive Dental Reference Guide (CDRG), which includes all relevant information - itemized by Current Dental Terminology (CDT) procedure code - to achieve a common understanding for all audiences and stakeholders related to approval of dental benefits. The content is overseen by the Office of the Dental Director and abides by current standards of care. This information can be leveraged by areas such as those that submit and process claims and appeals, develop products, and file with regulatory agencies.

The CDRG serves as an encyclopedia of all aspects of clinical policy and processing guidelines, arranged by code. It includes such information as CDT code identifiers and descriptors, Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) cross-coding, and alignment with medical policies. This document is updated annually as the ADA revises the population of available procedure codes.

Although this list is comprehensive, it is not exhaustive, as there may be situations that warrant special consideration. These are the basic rules we follow. Please use this guide to search specific clinical criteria and set expectations for dental claims submission.