Blue Rewards

Blue Rewards, part of the CareFirst WellBeing program, is designed to reward members who take an active role in their health by taking certain steps, such as working closely with their primary care providers (PCPs) to better understand and manage their care.

Two of the activities required for members to earn their reward include:

  • Selecting a primary care provider, and
  • Completing a health screening. If a member chooses to visit their PCP for their health screening, they should download and print the health screening form prior to their PCP visit and take it with them. The health screening form can be found when they log in to their CareFirst WellBeing account.

Do members need to select a PCP who participates in the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) program?

No, we understand members often have longstanding, trusting relationships with PCPs who do not participate in our PCMH program. To honor those relationships and encourage continued engagement with their providers and overall health, we equally reward the selection of a PCMH PCP or an in-network PCP.

If you are a PCP and want to join PCMH, visit to learn more.

Note: Blue Rewards is not available to grandfathered plans or over 65 plans.