CareFirst is Extending Coverage of COVID-19 Testing, Treatment and Member-initiated Phone Consultations

Posted on 2020-09-24
Updated on 2020-09-24 13:14:29

As a mission-driven healthcare company, the actions we take in times of significant public health concern are critical to caring for the people we serve. To ensure our fully insured members can get the care they need, we will continue to waive member copays, coinsurance and deductibles* through December 31, 2020 for the following:

    • Visits to diagnose or test for COVID-19
    • Diagnostic testing for COVID-19
    • Medically necessary treatment for members who have been diagnosed with, or are strongly suspected of having, COVID-19

Additionally, CareFirst will continue to pay primary care, OBGYN and behavioral health providers** for member-initiated phone consultations through December 31, 2020. Billing and coding information for phone consultations can be found in the telemedicine guidelines section of our Coronavirus Resource Center.

As a reminder, member benefits may differ depending upon their plan, especially those with self-funded, CareFirst Administrators or FEP plans. Providers are encouraged to verify member eligibility and benefits. For more information on FEP benefits, go to