BlueImpressions Newsletter

CareFirst's quarterly administrative newsletter for participating dental providers and their office staff.


Cover of BlueImpressions June 2022 issue June
  • Help Us Protect Member Information—Cybersecurity Notice for Our Healthcare Delivery Partners
  • Avoid the Dreaded “Additional Information Needed”
  • Internet Explorer No Longer Supported on CareFirst Applications
  • LGBTQ+ Cultural Competency Course
  • Review the Latest Changes to the CareFirst Provider Manual
  • What’s Next?
  • CareFirst Policy Change to D9613
  • Reminder: Use D1045 When Submitting Routine Evaluation Claims for Patients Under Age Three
  • Holiday Closings
Cover of BlueImpressions March 2022 issue March
  • Understanding CareFirst Medicare Advantage Dental HMO and PPO Networks
  • PPE and the Treatment of Hearing-Impaired Patients
  • Reminder: Access Your Most Current Fee Schedules on CareFirst Direct
  • Including Narratives with Your CareFirst Bone Graft and Guided Tissue Regeneration Claims
  • Updates to our Provider Education Website
  • Recognizing Dental Assistants and Hygienists
  • Updates to the Dental Provider Manual and Other Clinical Resources
  • 2022 ADA Changes for Interceptive Orthodontic Services
  • CareFirst Policy Change to D4921
  • Holiday Closings