BlueLink Newsletter

CareFirst's bimonthly administrative provider newsletter for participating practitioners and their office staff.


Cover of BlueLink February 2019 issue February
  • Horizon Foundation’s Speak(easy) Howard Campaign Offers Free Webinar Series
  • BlueLink Tip — Requesting Prior Authorizations for Genetic Tests
  • Save The Date For The CareFirst Pediatric Conference
  • Effective March 1— Both CPT® Code 99050 and 99051 Available for Reimbursement
  • Effective Dates, CPT Codes and Policy Updates for February
  • New Medical Technology Updates for February
  • Provider Reminder — An Inquiry vs. An Appeal How to Properly Submit Both
  • Care Management Updates — Effective Jan. 1
  • Are You Up to Date on Best Practices and Quality Standards?
  • Links to News Updates in ‘In Case You Missed It’