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Earning Engagement Points, Drug Therapy Prioritization and Setting Panel Goals - All In This PCMH PCP Q1 Update

April 06, 2018 -

PCMH PCP Quarterly Updates -Volume 5, Q1 2018. This link opens in a new window.

PCMH PCP Quarterly Updates
Volume 5, Q1 2018

January – March 2018

The Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Primary Care Provider (PCP) Quarterly Updates newsletter was developed to assist you, the PCP, in understanding the PCMH Program.

This document aims to offer ways to expand on your Population Health Management techniques in order to help you succeed in CareFirst's PCMH Program.

Topics in this Issue include:

  1. Earn PCMH Engagement Points in 2018
  2. Collaborate with Hospital Transition of Care (HTC) Nurses
  3. Drug Therapy Alert Prioritization
  4. Changes to Specialist Ranking Methodology
  5. Setting Panel Goals for 2018

Download the complete issue to learn more.

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