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Provider Engagement Expo details, Policy Updates, Claims Tips and more in this BlueLink Issue

August 28, 2018 -

The latest issue of BlueLink is now available online at carefirst.com/bluelink.

Topics in this issue include:

  • BlueLink Tip — State of Maryland Wellness Program
  • Earn CMEs by Attending Louis J. Kolodner Memorial Lecture
  • Effective Dates, CPT© Codes and Policy Updates for August
  • Tips for Claims Submission
  • New Medical Technology Updates for June
  • Coming Soon — CareFirst Will Accept COB Claims Electronically
  • Professional Providers: Use CAQH ProView® for Credentialing Submissions and Provider Data Updates
  • Are You Up-To-Date on Best Practices and Quality Standards?
  • Links to news updates in “In Case You Missed It”

Be sure to check out this issue and share it with your office staff. Remember, previous newsletter issues can be found at carefirst.com/bluelink.