Learning Library FAQs

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What is the Provider Education Learning Library?

Answer: The Provider Education Learning Library is a collection of e-learning modules about various topics of interest to CareFirst providers and office staff. Each module provides up-to-date information that will make working with CareFirst easier for you.

I've never tried e-learning. How does it work?

Answer: The e-learning modules in the Learning Library are a quick and interesting way to learn more about topics that interest you, right from your desktop computer. Each module has numbered pages, with 'Next' and 'Previous' buttons that you can click on to navigate. You can review the module contents as often as you like, since there are no grades or tests to take. For additional assistance, a 'Help' link is conveniently available from within each module.

What types of courses will I find in the Learning Library?

Answer: A list of course categories provides an overview of currently available topics. Click on each course category in the list to see related course modules.

How do I access an e-learning module?

Answer: Simply click on the module title to begin a course. There are no fees or registration requirements.

How long does a module take to complete?

Answer: Most modules can be completed in less than 30 minutes. The lessons are self-paced, which means you can begin and end whenever you wish.

What's in an e-learning module?

Answer: Each module is organized as a tutorial, with learning objectives to guide you through the lessons. Most modules have a few quiz questions that you can use to check your knowledge of the material.

Can I access specific topics within a module?

Answer: Yes. Each module has a link to a table of contents that you can click on when you want to reference a specific lesson topic.

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