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    Who do your CareFirst patients turn to for information about behavioral health programs and services

    November 28, 2016 -

    Colleague, did you know…

    According to a recent survey of CareFirst members, the #1 preferred source for learning more about behavioral health services was from YOU, their Primary Care Provider.*

    So, when your patients have a behavioral health or substance abuse issue and come to you for assistance, what do you tell them?

    That's where CareFirst can help.

    Together with Magellan Healthcare Provider Group**, we offer specialized services and programs to patients who need extra assistance related to: depression, drug or alcohol dependence, stress, work-life balance, eating disorders, and more.

    Many of these programs offer your patients additional access to one-on-one support through specialty-trained and licensed behavioral health care coordinators who are there to provide guidance and assistance while following your recommended plan of care.

    Looking for More Information?

    Download and print this flyer which gives more detail about available programs and services.

    If you're a specialty provider (psychiatrist, psychologist or mental health provider), this flyer is for you.

    Do you have a patient who needs help now?

    There are two easy ways to refer:

    Call: 1-800-972-0718 or Email: mhpgpcp@magellanhealth.com.

    More information for your patients

    Encourage patients to visit member.carefirst.com, click on the Health & Wellness tab and under 'Staying Healthy', click Behavioral Health & Substance Abuse.

    Here, in addition to behavioral health program information, your patients can find out more about the easy ways to self-refer, common conditions and tips for staying emotionally healthy.

    *Responses taken from a CareFirst member survey conducted in August 2016.
    **Magellan Healthcare Provider Group is an independent company that provides behavioral health services to CareFirst members.