National Laboratories

As a physician, you can play a role in ensuring clinically appropriate care while minimizing your patient’s costs – and overall costs to the health care system – by referring patients to CareFirst participating national laboratories.

What’s the cost difference between national freestanding laboratories and hospital based laboratories?

Diagnostic TestOutpatient HospitalNational (Freestanding) LaboratoryPotential Savings
Assay Thyroid Stimulating Hormone $52 $15 70%
Complete Blood Count (CBC) $29 $7 75%
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel $48 $10 80%
Electrolyte Panel $36 $6 82%
Glycosylated Hemoglobic Test $50 $9 82%
Hepatic Function Panel $40 $8 81%
Lipid Panel $57 $12 78%
Urine Culture/Colony Count $39 $8 80%
Vitamin B-12 $50 $14 72%
Vitamin D $76 $27 64%
This information does not take into account the severity of a patient's illness. Costs are based on average CareFirst member's costs in 2016 and may not represent your patient's actual cost of care for the same services.

LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics are the national laboratories for CareFirst and are a cost-effective choice when referring patients. Members can easily schedule appointments online through LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics websites.

LabCorp (Available for HMO and PPO members)
LabCorp is the only network national lab that BlueChoice (HMO) members can use. Please do not refer HMO members to Quest Diagnostics.

Quest Diagnostics (Available for PPO members only)